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Business Partner | Free agent


At SARDI, the only thing we want to do is to make “WOW” in Switzerland, therefore building the “SWISS WOW” inside the existent “SWISS QUALITY”.
To reach such an ambitious objective, we need the right partners to help us find the right opportunities.


      •      Are you actively taking part in the development of B2B products in Switzerland? (finance, engineering, advisory, etc) 

      •      Do you have a motivated and proactive spirit?

      •      Do you enjoy bringing precious value to the projects in your network?


SARDI is searching for the right hunter & partner to introduce us in the right way to the right opportunities.

We propose you a very flexible WIN + WIN + WIN structure. (YOU + SARDI + COMPANY).
You don’t have to move to a new town or leave your current job. It’s an entry-level approach to the SARDI FORMULA using opportunities around your network, long life.


Your Mission:

      1. Identify opportunities in your network.

      2. Introduce SARDI and help us find the real value proposal and best agreement for both sides.

      3. Once the project is ready, measure the level of the client’s satisfaction.

Your Compensation:

10k CHF for every single client from your network that signs a contract with SARDI.

Your first focus:

The first level focus should be concentrated on Swiss PMEs and Start-Ups producing innovative B2B products of any kind (Industrial equipment, Automation system, Industrial Machines, Robotics, Machine tools, Industrial tools, Workbenches and Manufacturing instruments, Electronics equipment, Medical, Pharma and Biotech devices, etc.) 

SARDI will commit to bringing their products and portfolio to the maximum level we can reach using our value formula, methodology, talent, passion, experience, commitment, and network.


Do you want to be part of the SWISS WOW CULTURE adventure?
Then FORZA !!
Send an email introducing yourself to Enrique Luis



1. SARDI has never done any kind of advertisement or marketing pushing of any kind.

2. 100% of our clients and partners came from the word of mouth of our satisfied clients.

3. Today, with an important proven +500 successful stories of the SARDI FORMULA in B2B with companies like HUMARD, BLASER, Audemars Piguet, Brutsch Ruegger, FUTURO, TORNOS, DEMAUREX, POSALUX, WILLEMIN MACODEL, STRAUSAK among many others in the B2B equipment we have 100% client loyalty.

4. We have structured and successfully applied:

        •    6 “ideal service packs” for Swiss PMEs ( “Full”, “Full partnership”, “SIGMA”, “Half”, “Half partnership” and “C.D.O.”)

        •    4 “ideal packs” for Swiss Start-Ups ( “Full Partnership”, “SIGMA”, “Bistrot” and “StartUp pack”)