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Tornos presents its vision for the future of bar turning with SwissDECO. SwissDECO provides a complete product range, with at least 3 machines available in two diameters – 25.4 mm and 36 mm. All equipped with 3 independent tool systems, SwissDECO machines are designed to provide exceptional operating flexibility, while remaining extraordinarily user-friendly. The SwissDECO range packs in more than 100 years’ experience into a single machine. More than a range of machines, it is a genuine vision of the future of bar turning.

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Tornos SwissDeco SARDI Industrial Machinery Design
Tornos SwissDeco SARDI Industrial Machinery Design



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Creativity and Innovation: Your Keys to a Successful Organization

"...companies that have done the best over the long haul are those who are the most creative and innovative. These organizations don’t copy what others do; instead, they may use innovative ideas from others as a spring board to come up with a unique application, product, or service for themselves. They tend to distance themselves from the competition rather than compete with them. If they see another company copying what they do, they create something new and better. In other words, they are able to leverage their creativity..."

Humard Robot SC7 design by Sardi Innovation on reddot 21 Award

"... robots ensure production systems can be operated at optimum levels. This guarantees substantial increases in productivity of all CNC machines. Robots SC7 are designed for loading and unloading various workpieces in machining centers. They are equipped for this purpose with a palletizing system. Various sizes of pallet can be adapted. The 180° polycarbonate, completely retractable in the frame, not only gives to the automation a modern and elegant shape, but also greatly improves the accessibility and ergonomics in a ver..."

Why Innovation Is Increasingly Becoming Critical to Entrepreneurship

"...Innovation is a facilitator of entrepreneurship and a way of empowering people to take charge of their lives and economic prosperity. At the same time, entrepreneurship is the answer to innovation both at individual business-level. It also stimulates general business sector growth of a nation. Flourish in entrepreneurship entails a focus on ingenuity, amalgamating innovation and strategic business practices.
It is important to understand that innovation doesn’t happen overnight and requires time and endeavor..."

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Innovation Is the Key to Entrepreneurship

"...S.R.I. stands for Segno di Riconoscibilità Immediata wich means in Italian Immediate Ricognizator Signature. An acronym used by car designers to underline this particular catchy detail that differentiate a particular brand amoung the ocean of competitor. Ninety-three percent of executives surveyed by global professional services company Accenture stated that innovation is critical to their company's long-term success. In the same survey, only 18 percent of executives felt their company's innovation efforts were providing them with an advantage. That means leaders know..."